Detroit Communication Solutions

Communication is central to the function of your business, and providing adequate messaging systems and monitoring networks for your organization is a challenge. At HEI Wireless, we expertly analyze your messaging and offer innovative solutions to solve the gap in your communications. From digital signage to remote surveillance, we cover every corner of your business with comprehensive service.

Detroit Fleet Communication Management

HEI Wireless offers everything to improve the performance of your drivers and fleet, including camera monitoring systems, GPS tracking, mobile hotspots, and vehicle mounted radio systems. Our comprehensive approach to Detroit fleet communication management allows you to improve your fleet's function, reduce liability, and provide valuable feedback on routes, incidents, and more.

Detroit Remote Surveillance Systems

Get cloud-based monitoring with quick set up and wireless operation utilizing remote surveillance solutions from HEI Wireless. These units are easily deployed, scalable, and customizable to your security needs. Our Detroit remote surveillance systems utilize solar power, making them the ultimate solution for reducing energy needs and manpower in your business operations.

Detroit Digital Signage

Digital signage cloud-based messaging to your entire network within seconds, giving your business a way to connect in a succinct, visually engaging manner. Wayfinding, internal communication signage, kiosks, and digital boards offer innovative Detroit digital signage solutions to communication challenges to improve safety and function in your business or facility.

Detroit Communication Solutions for Your Business

HEI Wireless offers unique, affordable, and expert solutions to tighten the gap in your network and ensure your messaging is clear and your assets are safe. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us deliver the Detroit Communication Solutions that are right for your business.

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