Internal Communication Signage

Improving the Workplace Experience with Digital Signage

Internal signage

Staying in touch with your employees and keeping your messaging up to date is a struggle for businesses. With digital signage, you can vastly improve engagement with employees through quick and professional informational display throughout your purview, no matter how large it is. Sharing company news, factory metrics, real-time targets and tasks, HR notifications, and media presentations all happen instantaneously through internal communication signage. HEI is a full service provider of digital signage, and our experts are ready to optimize your workflow with one simple platform.

How will my Internal Communication Improve with Signage?

From a single touchpoint, you can seamlessly reach all employees through the Cloud with real-time messages. Every screen throughout your network, even if remotely located, that is wired into your digital signage system receives your message, allowing for quick workflow adjustments, reduced confusion, and on-point information. You can use your digital signage to:

  • Display company news and announcements
  • Assign tasks and goals in real time
  • Instantaneously communicate alerts and procedures over large areas
  • Display metrics and targets
  • Improve dispatch procedures
  • And more

Communication Made Simple

The structure and functionality of businesses in the 21st century are becoming increasingly complicated. With internal communication signage, you can simplify your communication with one platform that doesn’t rely on checking phones and emails or waiting for memos and briefings. Your team is wired for direct communication with your hub, no matter where they are located.

Let HEI Wireless improve your company’s communication system with internal communication signage, and ensure your message is seen and heard, wherever your employees go. Contact us today for a free assessment.

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