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Mobile Hotspots: Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Being stranded without wifi is a frustrating experience, and when you are on the road frequently or find yourself in a remote location, it can happen often. Mobile hotspots offer the perfect solution for connectivity that goes with you. HEI Wireless equips you with routers and SIM cards to create a mobile hotspot right where you are. With easily transportable hot spots, you will say goodbye to high overages and spotty, slow wifi, and enjoy the benefits of strong, fast connectivity at affordable prices, wherever you go.

Affordable. Fast. Reliable. Everything You Need to Mobilize Your Network.

There are times when traditional wifi options are not workable, and relying on cell data is costly and less reliable. Mobile hotspots offer a solution for your connectivity issues when you are on the road or in a place with poor internet availability. Advantages of mobile hotspots include:

  • Connectivity. Create reliable connectivity on multiple devices, wherever you go.

  • Cost-effectiveness. No contracts or roaming fees, plus the benefits of large data plans for high use.

  • Speed. Fast internet connection for downloading, streaming and more. Download movies in seconds and enjoy fast speeds with multiple devices.

  • Versatility. Use anywhere you go. Great for RVs, trucks, marine, campgrounds, and rural connections where service is spotty.

  • High bandwidth streaming. Enjoy high quality streaming without lag.

  • And more.

Never Lose Connection Again

It's important to stay connected, especially when life has you on the go. HEI Wireless's Mobile Hotspot solutions ensure untethered access to high-speed internet from any location with one simple device. With compact devices that fit in a bag or pocket, it's easy to take your connection with you. Your mobile hotspot ensures you have the access you need, when and where you need it.

Ensure a Point of Connection Wherever You Go with Mobile Hotspots

Don't wait to get and stay connected. Contact HEI Wireless today for a free consultation and get untethered access with your mobile hotspot.

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