Digital Sign In for Hospitals

Improving Patient Care, One Communication at a Time

Optimizing patient care and maximizing efficiency are essential in the fast-paced medical industry. With increased stresses on staffing, heavier patient loads, and greater safety protocols in place, ensuring your communication and processing platforms work for you is important for you and your patients. HEI Wireless understands the demands placed on you, and offers a full range of digital signage to streamline patient intake, communication, and monitoring to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your facility.

One Kiosk. Many Solutions

Streamlining patient processing and ensuring accuracy of information is a necessity in today's medical practices. HEI Wireless offers a variety of digital signage to create a hassle-free process for you and your patients. Using an array of digital signage, you can easily manage patient intake and communicate important information to your patients with minimal effort. Through cloud-based messaging, you will have control over visitor traffic and information dissemination, all from one convenient touch point. The advantages of digital sign in for hospitals include:

  • Touchless sign in
  • Secure access
  • Easy monitoring of all visitor logs for contact tracing
  • Reduced staffing demands
  • Wayfinding resources for visitors
  • Accurate tracking of all visitors and patients
  • And more

Digital Signs - The Safe and Efficient Way to Communicate

When time and staff are limited, digital signs bridge the gap between you and your patients, ensuring quality patient care, every time. HEI Wireless delivers expert service, installing and managing your digital signage solutions so you can focus on patient care. Digital sign in for hospitals maximizes the efficiency of your facility and preserves your employees' energy for the important task of patient care.

Less Hassle for You. More Time for Your Patients

In a world where every second counts, ensure your patient communication is optimized with digital sign in for hospitals. Contact HEI Wireless for a free consultation and let our experts bridge your communication gap with digital signage solutions.

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