Retail Digital Signage

Retail digital signs

Attracting traffic, creating engagement, and increasing sales conversions is an increasing challenge in today’s retail environment. Retail digital signage offers retailers of all sizes the opportunity to showcase products and services, utilize wayfinding technology, run promotions, create engaging displays, and more. With HEI Wireless, you will increase the functionality of your business and create an immersive experience for your customers to promote sales and engagement.

Wayfinding Retail Digital Signage

When customers enter your retail space, it is important that they can quickly and easily orientate themselves and locate products and services. With Wayfinding, your customers easily navigate through your space to locate the products they want, maximizing the retail experience.

Digital Boards

Digital boards are a flexible and innovative way to display menus, information, videos and more throughout your retail space. This simple and visually engaging technology increases customer interactions and promotes your products and services in an effective manner.

The applications of digital signage in your retail space are endless. Additional benefits of digital signage include:

  • Easy navigation
  • Data tracking through interactive menus, digital sign-ins, and search monitoring that aids your business in marketing strategies
  • Real time information updates
  • Reduced staff requirements
  • And more

Digital signage gives your business an edge in customer communication, data tracking, navigation, and a host of other applications. Contact HEI today for a free consultation and see how digital signage can solve your communication gap.

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