Sports and Entertainment Communications Systems

Keeping Your Venue on Track with Sports and Entertainment Communications Systems

Managing communications within a complex sports or entertainment venue is a challenge for any facility operator. With large crowds to navigate and a widespread team of employees, large venues face extra challenges when it comes to communication. Ensuring you are equipped with the right communication technology for the job is essential, and often involves a multi-pronged approach. From wayfinding digital signage to two-way radio communications systems, HEI has everything you need to streamline your sports and entertainment communications systems.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Sports Facilities

  • Provide wayfinding resources for visitors
  • Promote ads and upsell concessions
  • Disseminate information quickly and efficiently
  • Increase security and manage traffic flows within your facility
  • And More

What types of venues benefit from radio communications and digital signage?

Any operating area that makes communication challenging benefits from radio communications and other innovative solutions. Some examples include:

  • Arenas
  • Indoor and outdoor fields and field houses
  • Theaters and performing arts complexes
  • Golf courses
  • Ice rinks and sports complexes
  • Movie theaters
  • And more

Messaging and Monitoring Solutions

Your communications system is not complete without adequate messaging and monitoring solutions. HEI Wireless offers a full range of securely encrypted, IP rated two-way radio systems to ensure your team receives the message, loud and clear. In addition, our cutting-edge remote surveillance systems ensure your facility is securely monitored, without fuss.

Messaging and Monitoring Solutions

Up Your Game with Sports and Entertainment Communications Systems

Improve the safety and functionality of your sports and entertainment communications systems. Contact HEI Wireless today for a full consultation to see how you can up your game with messaging and monitoring solutions.

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