Lithium Power Systems

Stay Powered Up with Lithium Power Systems

Keeping your work site fueled for the job is essential, and finding a power source you can rely on in any circumstance is critical. HEI Wireless provides custom design and installation of lithium power systems for work vehicles and remote backup power. Whether you utilize your power system for everyday jobs or rely on it for site support during extended outages, our batteries and expert service and installation keep you running in all circumstances.

Lithium power

What are the Advantages of Lithium Power Systems?

Lithium power systems are on the leading edge of technology and offer many advantages over traditional battery sources, including:

  • 2x the power of traditional batteries
  • Half the weight
  • Charges up to 5x faster
  • Lasts 4x as long
  • Grid-independent
  • Rugged design for dependability
  • 11 year warranty
  • Sustainable energy

Cutting Edge Technology Powered by Lithium

Lithium Power Systems utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver powerful and sustainable energy to your vehicle or work site. Your system is recharged by connecting to your vehicle’s electrical system, utilizing solar energy, or plugging into any electrical power. Providing up to 120 volts of clean energy, these powerhouse batteries can run many types of equipment for an extended period of time. With your clean energy power system, you stay fueled for the job when other power sources fail.

Ensure your vehicle and remote site are prepared with dependable, powerful, and clean energy. Contact HEI Wireless today for a free quote to see how lithium power systems will improve your performance capabilities.

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