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Reduce Incidents and Protect Assets with Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Protecting assets and ensuring safety is a necessity, but many surveillance systems on the market require tons of equipment and personnel to operate, and are limited to a single location. When you need mobile, easily-deployed security to keep equipment, events, or property safe, mobile surveillance trailers offer the perfect solution.

Convenient Mobile Surveillance Trailers

When you set up a security system for your business, you need something easy to set up and easy to use. HEI Wireless provides 24/7 security you can rely on, without the hassle of complicated systems. Some features include:

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    Portability. Move it wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

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    Immediate deployment. With a quick set up, your security is ready to go in minutes.

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    Remote control. You can watch from your own phone, change audio messages, and manage thermal sensors. Complete access from any location.

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    Smart access control. Gain access to management and see who is logging in.

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    Customizable features. Live and recorded video, thermal sensors, license plate reading, strobe lights, alerts and notifications, and two-way audio.

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    Limitless scalability. Use one unit or 1,000.

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    Cloud-based software. No servers, infrastructure, or surveillance rooms. Just 24/7 monitoring from anywhere!

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    And more.

No Power? No Problem!

Powering traditional security systems and keeping them wired into your surveillance program is expensive and keeps you dependent on the grid. HEI Wireless provides solar operated cameras that communicate over cellular based clouds for completely wireless application. These convenient and affordable units can be deployed for temporary use or mounted for long-term monitoring, ensuring your facilities and assets are always covered without breaking the bank. Applications include:

  • Pop-up security coverage for events

  • Monitoring of parking lots to reduce incidence liability, theft, and loitering

  • Facility management

  • Construction and job site theft protection

  • Monitoring of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure

  • And more

Stay Protected with Remote Surveillance Systems

Your assets are important, and so is peace of mind. HEI Wireless's cutting-edge mobile surveillance trailers provide the affordable coverage you need to keep your business protected, without hassle. Contact HEI Wireless today to see how our effective, easy-to-use security solutions can improve your business monitoring.

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