Communications Systems for Hospitality

Two way radio communication for hospitality

Stay Connected and Safe

As a host, you are dedicated to providing the best service to your customers, and that relies on efficient and reliable communications and monitoring. HEI Wireless offers a host of two-way radio systems, digital signage, and remote surveillance to ensure your business is covered at all times with superior messaging and monitoring.

Stay in Touch with Communications Systems for Hospitality

  • Durable, distraction-free two-way radios ensure your message is delivered quickly and efficiently, improving guest service and increasing security in moments of crisis.

  • Innovative, engaging digital signage keeps you connected with your guests and employees with succinct, interactive display.

  • Wireless, cloud-operated remote surveillance provides security in every corner of your purview for enhanced safety. Our systems take 30 minutes to set up, operate on solar power, and require no manpower to operate. Fully customizable features ensure the coverage you need.

In Moments of Crisis, Communication Matters

Guest safety and efficient facility operation are integral to the success of your business. Communications systems for hospitality give you the quick, reliable coverage you need when the moment counts. With HEI Wireless's expert solutions, you will have peace of mind that your messaging is secure and reliable and your facility is operating optimally.

Contact HEI Wireless today for a free consultation and allow our experts to close your communication gap through reliable communications systems for hospitality.

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